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A comment by Bigot Hunter on Dissident Frogman and Al-Qaeda Agree ♠ Dissident Frogman et Al-Qaeda En Accord

This is a great debate to have on a topic that should never have even come up. The French government just told the French citizens that they are not allowed to wear "religious symbols" in public schools. And while some people may not see a problem with that, I do. Because no "religion" is a religion as well. One person believes in a God (or more, or Allah, or whatever) and one does not (atheist). Both are religious beliefs. The government is supposed to represent the people. If the people believe in a higher power(s) then the government should not step in and constrict their freedoms on expression. This is called freedom of religion. This, of course, is assuming that said expressions do not impinge on another's physical lifespan. I think we can all agree that there are some absolute wrongs (even if you aren't "religious") like murder etc. In the context of this new law, I would say that Chirac is pushing his religion (secularism) on Jews and Muslims and somehow is trying to take a "neutral" stance. Not only is that preposterous, but it is wrong. Religion is belief, plain and simple. Chirac believes one thing (whatever that is) and Jews and Muslims and Christians all have their own beliefs. But for the French government to mandate that religious heritages must be left behind for any reason is ridiculous. Head scarfs. You are telling me that wearing a piece of cloth around my head (for reasons you don't yet know) is dangerous to society? Or how about wearing a small knitted piece of material on the crown of my skull so that my head is not uncovered? How exactly does that impinge on "society?" The Jews, Muslims, and Christians ARE part of French society. Why is Chirac insistent on suppressing their religious beliefs? It is simply outrageous. And what about the ever-celebrated idea of DIVERSITY. Apparently French school children will just have to all look the same. No head scarfs, no yarmulkes. The next step is to make them all wear the same color uniform. Where do you draw the line? Why aren't Jews, Christians, Muslims, and atheist all allowed to express themselves? On top of that, the head scarfs and yarmulkes are traditions in those cultures... so by telling little boys and girls that they are not allowed to wear them is the same as saying that they are second class citizens... I mean, what were the atheists forced to give up by the state... oh wait, nothing! If you are atheist and have no heritage and no culture except modern culture then you are fine. If you hold no strong beliefs... beliefs that you want to express (especially in such harmless ways)... then you have no problems. The only strong beliefs that you are allowed to express are those that agree with the State. Socialism at its finest. What a bunch of crap. I am waiting with baited breath to see what this law accomplishes.

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