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A comment by pepe on Dissident Frogman and Al-Qaeda Agree ♠ Dissident Frogman et Al-Qaeda En Accord

This is about much more relevant things than the veil. And one can argue about the theory of state, church, freedom of religion, etc. til you're blue in the face, but it would be more interesting to hear a rebuttal of the practical arguments and points raised in the Commission report: There are instances mentioned in the report, and brought up by teachers, about girls asking to be exempted from being interrogated by male teachers, from going to the gym, or from taking certain classes. If they (or better, the parents, since we're talking minors), say that is according to their religious beliefs, well, what do you do? file it under "religious freedom" and just accept you have to make special allowances for daughters of strict Islamic parents? in state schools? Is that really freedom, or yielding to pressures of fundamentalists?

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