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A comment by Damian Bennett on Are You Ready? ♠ Êtes-Vous Prêt ?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau posited in his "Discourse on the Origin and Foundation of Inequality Among Men" that property was not a natural right but a debasement of civilization. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon pulled out the stops with his declaration: "All property is theft." And the contemporary French have not much tempered these political sentiments toward property, at least as regards everyone but France. John Locke enumerated the basic "inalienable" rights of man -- and I believe in the correct procession -- as "life, liberty, and estate." Give the final term an aphaeretic trim, and there you have the French essential right: the state -- the right to be cared for. Jack gives this as the second term of the first manifold right invented during his Tunisia "influence-begging tour": "The first human right is to eat, to be cared for, to receive an education and to have housing. From this point of view, we must remember that Tunisia is more advanced than many countries." (More advanced? Hhmmm, no doubt Saddam's Iraq was fresh in mind. Jack has other human rights inventions up his sleeve, like the essential second human right, to defecate.) Jack covering his man Ben Ali, dismissed Tunisian rights lawyer Radia Nasraoui, at the time in her second month of a hunger strike protesting Tunisia's shabby rights, thusly: "We also have people in France who are staging hunger strikes, who have staged hunger strikes and who will doubtless stage hunger strikes in the future." Huh? This is, well, just plain dopey. Back in France Jack clarified (?) his position: "France has long been of the view that human rights are indivisible and universal." Huh? In case you miss his point, Jack went on to say that any criticism of his person on this issue was "unjust". And ditto those stories about anti-Semitism in his France. If it ain't schmoozing, then it's all just "unjust". Sadly there is nothing "inalienable" or "universal" about man's rights as Messrs. Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Saddam, Mugabe, Mao Zedong, and countless other single-person democracies have demonstrated. Then there are globe-trotting bootlicks like Messrs. Jack and Dom, who use human rights like toilet paper to pull off a little of the stink. DGB

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