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A comment by Damian Bennett on Are You Ready? ♠ Êtes-Vous Prêt ?

M./Mll. gl, Well, the correspondence between an ultimate crime and an ultimate penalty is proportionality. Are you arguing that the possiblity of flawed due process puts any penalty in question? Well, then everyone's off the hook. That's murderers, D&Ds, and jaywalkers. This elevates "reasonable doubt" from a standard of evidence to the psychosis of scrupulosity. Justice since time in memoriam has been represented as blind. Perfect justice awaits us in the world to come, for now we are enjoined to do the best we can. Now here's a question for the DF's French correspondents: The French weep copiously for Mumia Abu-Jamal, a convicted cop killer, upheld on numerous appeals, France advocated mightily for Ira Einhorn, but why no honorary French citizenships bestowed on Timothy McVeigh? The truth is the anti-death penalty mob is selective about its principled opposition. DGB

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