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Off topic: It seems as if being allies has problems being translated into the French language ... literally! features a translation to French of Eminem's/D12's "My band". I thought you was about tell him off man, wassup ? Man, I'm a tell him what I feel like, and man, shut up You ain't even back me up, and we supposed to be crew Man I was about to talk right after you, I swear Is translated into French as Je pensais que t'allais lui en parler, qu'est ce qui se passe ? Man, je vais lui dire ce qui ne va pas, et toi ta ***** Tu me backeras (4) plus, on est censé être un groupe Mec, je voulais le dire juste après toi, je te le jure And the footnote "(4)" says: (4) Dans les concerts de rap les rapeurs sont souvent " backés » c'est à dire que un ou Plusieurs autres mc sont derrière lui et font la fin des phrases pour qu'il puisse reprendre son souffle, ou font les choeurs, les voix supplementaires, les refrains That is, the translator regards "backing up" as singing while the other person takes a breath. I think the sense intended is "backing up" in terms of Kuniva &on Artis allying with each other to confront Eminem. Does anyone know the French that'd convey this meaning of "backing up", or is it like trying to speak thoughtcrime in newspeak?

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