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Michael Moore ------------------- Michael Moore, he ain't so wise he makes a living telling lies. "Regulate this, regulate that!" Clinging to the gub'ment like a spoiled little brat. Rigid thinking masked with rage is a backward method like minimum wage. Fourteen an Hour, don't fail HIS test! Anything less and your under arrest. Obnoxious and loud, so filled with hate. He really can't help it he's a ward of the state. "I'll poke my camera into your face make you look guilty and berate you in place!" "Those greedy corporations," Ewwwww, they're so bad! I'll teach them a lesson. Conform! or be sad!" Like a union thug he'll get in your face. Show you who's boss and dump on your race. Don't "cross the line" you know what you'll get, a busted lip and a lawn full of shit. Demean, intimidate, berate and ridicule; these are the methods that Michael finds cool.

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