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A comment by Valerie, Texas on Tell Me What You Fear ♠ Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Crains

And Clinton didn't slash and burn the budget on national security and to the miiltary? The operative word here is "BEFORE" this unprecedented attack was launched on innocent civilians by evil minds. I would be crazy to throw in with a flip-flopping opportunistic feeder from Taxachusetts. Until the attack on 9/11, and more importantly the "reaction" by the Left, I WAS a yellow dog Democrat. Terrorists done killed my yeller dawg. Thank God they got to it before they got to me. Never forget, never. Cher, cher Frogaman, I will never forget, ever. And it pains me that there are those out there who have. Thank you for taking your precious time to use your considerable talent to create this devastating reminder. Merci, merci, merci. Vous etes un bon et vrai ami des Etats Unis.

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