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A comment by Judah on Tell Me What You Fear ♠ Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Crains

Romuald is quite correct President Bush did build the millitary before 9/11 and used federal funds in the process. Why this is a bothersome happening is beyond me. That increased millitary spending allowed for a quick and thourough ass whomping of Islamo-facists groupings from Afghanistan to Iraq, and you can safely bet your retirement that ass whomping in areas untold and areas yet to come will unfold in the near future. Bush, quite inlike Kerry, is willing to defy opinion polls to do what is right. Oh, by the way I just stumbled across your fabulous web site a few weeks ago, I was sure that fossilized remains of the French Conservitive was all that was left. I am overjoyed to have friends in Europe still.

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