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A comment by Damian on Tell Me What You Fear ♠ Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Crains

DF, The Left is a spent force. Their big idea of an idea is limited to opposing the person of GWB. Here are a few policy surmises from the podium mush dished up at the Democratic convention. * In Iraqi, they will simply do better -- though in some mysterious unspecified way because John Kerry will not tip his hand without the authority of the presidency. Guess you have to elect him to find out. * On terror, again the Democrats will do better by -- please take a seat -- talking to the French, and maybe the Germans if they are in the room at the time. Pfft. They are also considering giving Iran nuclear fuel, so the Iranians don't have to go through the embarrassment of stealing it for bombs. * On the economy, they will not raise taxes on the middle class. This is the oldest and rudest of Democratic campaign lies. Few people remember that Mr. Clinton ran in 1992 against the tax increases GB '41 conceded to Democratic Majority Leader George Mitchell. Mr. Clinton then went on to push through his own tax increase -- one of the largest -- (by 1 vote, supported by Messrs. Kennedy and Kerry) in his first year in office. Like Willy Sutton robbing banks, the government looks to tax the middle class because that's where the money is. American households making a million or more a year -- a thumbnail definition for the evil "rich" -- could be taxed at 100% and it still would not be enough to satisfy the voracious spending of government. * Again on the economy, the Democrats will only create spectacularly well-paying jobs, none of those low-paying service sector jobbies. Will they magically resurrect the bubble? Or perhaps they intend to convert the entire American work force into Swiss bank managers. Who knows? There is a dearth of details. It's obvious that they haven't a clue, not the basest inkling, how a free market economy works. Job growth is always bottom heavy, not top heavy. As for Mr. Kennedy, he never makes an appearance without the revenant Mary Jo Kopechne. Mr. Kennedy, incoherent, self-righteous, and shameless, voice quavering, lips trembling, pronounces the only fear ahead is Mr. Bush. And he is right. Mr. Bush spoils Mr. Kennedy's big liberal project. That Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Clinton ("most ethical administration in American history" ever) and Michael Moore are standard-bearers for the Democratic party tells all that needs to be known about the party of donkeys. Regards, DGB

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