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A comment by Nightfly on Tell Me What You Fear ♠ Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Crains

DF - Just catching up. Sorry about being Nightfly-come-lately. Just stupendous work. Merci beaucoup. By the way, do you know the only major network that I've seen show anything remotely like this lately, here in the states? ESPN. A-yep, that ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. They've had hour specials re-covering the biggest sports stories of the past 25 years, and one of them was the professional leagues' response to 9/11. They showed about 20 minutes of footage from the Towers and the Pentagon, including the people leaping down from 1000 feet. They're the ONLY ONES. Hmmm...are the major news media willfully compliant with the Democrats' apparent strategy to campaign as if it's still 2000? Am I just a conspiracy nut?

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