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A comment by Futsal Fred on Says Who? ♠ Et Qui Le Dit ?

And what, pray tell, does this "French Official" think President Bush should do about the Israeli-Palestinian "crisis"? Hey, I know! Let's knock out one of the main terrorist-supporting states in the Middle East - maybe the one that gives $25,000 to the families of people who murder mass numbers of Israelis while they ride a bus or eat lunch. I'll bet the French government will be behind us all the way! What this guy means by "solving" the "crisis" is "hold another eight or ten years of "negotiations" while Israeli children die. Yet even that is an inadequate interpretation, since in this context "negotiations" means "grandstand to the world press about how Israel is a racist nation which should immediately give up every inch of dirt any arab demands" What France is missing is that Ariel Sharon and George Bush have ALREADY "solved" the "crisis". The former by building a fence which keeps the murderers out and the latter by digging Saddam Hussein out of his dirt-hole shortly after giving his sons a permanent dirt nap. The French governement would love to turn the clock back to the good old days in the ME, but sadly for them that train left the station.

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