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A comment by Ded on Piggy Wiggy Sat Under The Tree. ♠ Petit Cochon, Viens Dans Ma Maison

Pigs are also very strong and not afraid to either stand their ground or attack their enemies should they or their young be threatened or attacked. Also, unlike trhe cowardly terrorists, they do not prey on the weaker members of their group. Comparing a pig to a terrorist does a grave injustice to the pig and gives far too much credit to the terrorist. The terrorist is more comparable to the chicken which is a foul creature, also given to eating and attacking the members of it's flock. It's diet consists of anything it can get into it's beak and the males routinely attack both the females and other males without justification and usually from the rear. No, the terrorist is much more like the cockroach...filthy, despised but always popping up until one steps directly on it, ensuring the end of one terrorist/cockroach. Merry Christmas to you and your family Frogman, life is good.

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