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A comment by Howard e on Piggy Wiggy Sat Under The Tree. ♠ Petit Cochon, Viens Dans Ma Maison

IF A PIG COULD TALK Come little children and let's go visit the zoo, To observe the animals and learn from them too. Imagine, if they were human…like you and me, Looking in the mirror…how unhappy they'd be! Just think"”if a pig could talk, now don't you suppose That it'd be squealing about its' funny flat nose? The ponderous rhinoceros would be angry about Those two huge ugly horns upon its great snout! Listen to the Kangaroo, to her low moans and sighs, She's just so upset about her tremendous thighs. While Mrs. Skunk just keeps babbling, "My perfumes not right," As she meanders around in the dark of night. Hear that monkey scream out in a loud anguished wail. She's crying because she simply hates her long kinky tail, While the hippopotamus grunts 'cause she's too fat, "But, tomorrow," she winked, "I'll do something 'bout that." Now just think, my dear, how dreadful it'd be, If animals had manners like humanity! There crouches the gorilla thumping his great chest, "I'm too hot," he's grumbling, "in this hairy old vest." While a parrot begins squawking from high in a tree, "Oh, I hate this large beak. How'd you like to be me?" The tall ostrich spoke up, "Gosh, my legs are too thin!" Yet, in each race that she ran, she always would win. The giraffe was incensed and he had to complain, His neck was too long, his head hangs out in the rain." Then the ugly old wart-hog shed copious tears, 'cause no one had visited her for thirty-odd years. Mrs. Leopard is irked, "wearing this same old fur coat," And refers to her mate as "a stingy old goat." The huge elephant trumpeted, "That's all just bunk, What I'd like most is a nose instead of this trunk." The old Jersey cow mooed, "Just look at this udder, It's hereditary, folks, just like me mudder." Each one of us has a problem, my little dear, But let's just listen, for there's yet more that we'll hear. Then that sly old lynx spoke up, "Not to trivialize, But what bothers me most is the shape of my eyes" The rattle-snake came crawling along the hard earth, "Oh, if God has just given me legs at my birth." And then old mother hen, a'cackling so loudly, "Look at my funny head. I'd wear yours more proudly." Then from deep under-ground, loud wails from a small mole, "I'm blind as a bat if I come out of my hole." Look all around you, dears, and then surely you'll see, That we're not as bad off as we might think we be. The point I would make, little sisters and brothers, Looks aren't as important as how we treat others. The popular athlete might act rudely and vain, Others friendly and happy with faces so plain. While handicapped people might be helpful and kind, Behind a mask of good looks may dwell a dark mind. In the animal kingdom, there's much that seems wrong, But in spite of their problems they all get along. They adapt to conditions…use what they're given, That's the way they survive, and how they keep livin'. For we all enter life with a blemish or two, What you'll find most important are the things that you do, What you say, how you act, using talents you've got, Never pretending to friends you're someone you're not. Learn to show kindness to your fellow man, Make it your Number One Rule of your whole life's plan! Copyright 1994. Revised 1995, 2001 2003 H. E. Morseburg

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