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A comment by 2Hotel9 on Piggy Wiggy Sat Under The Tree. ♠ Petit Cochon, Viens Dans Ma Maison

Just back from extended patrol to visit Mom for Christmas. I have advocated the inclusion of our freedom loving freinds, la grande Swine, in our war against terrorist slimbags for years. And they are tasty, too. Pigs are excellent at locating explosives and hidden items, such as arms caches and ambushes. They also are well suited to serving as early warnning systems, much better than dogs as they operate pretty much without having to be instructed. Just let them have the run of an area, they will alert you to intruders, while at the same time attacking said intruders. Keep up the good work, and in the immortal words of Vinegar Joe,"Illegitimati non carborundum". Later on, Bro!

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