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Now that's rich Mr. Green... Let me see if I get your meaning: you're nitpicking over - G-d forbids - historical authenticity and facts with respect to this whole business of: - A gal that got laid by a Ghost (Matthew 1:18, Luke 1:35) giving birth and flesh to a mystical entity that happens to be His Own Self and His Own Son at the same time, -- in addition to the aforementioned Ghost (Matthew 28:16-20) -- meaning that He did His Mom while being somebody else in order to be Himself, His Own Father and His Own Son nonetheless and simultaneously. - The NME (newborn mystical entity) Mom's husband -- who despite what we can be lead to think at that point of the story is not Himself, yet is not even His Own Dad (nor the Ghost) but a regular bloke who happened to be adulterized by the Ghost in the first place (i.e. His Self-Daddy and the Son of the bloke's wife at the same time "“ plus the Ghost, but that goes without saying, at least if you followed the story so far) "“ who is told by a queer with funny wings in the back (and no sex, and no anus either) that it's okay anyway, and that he shouldn't worry too much about the Ghost banging his girlfriend, and marry Mary merry nonetheless (Matthew 1:20). And that's not mentioning the three hippies who schedule their trip over blazing stars (Matthew 2:9) to bring candies to the Ghost's Self-Son-Self (oh and, they get the roadmap for the way back thank to the queer without anus, who then carry on with the Travel Agency works by sending merry Mary and family minus the Ghost to Egypt, Matthew 2:13 "“ very helpful, err, thing despite its lack of natural orifices innit?). And don't get me started on the fact that the Catholic church consistently pictured the King of the Jews as a tall blonde bloke with a delicate white and gingerly rosy complexion... Historical authenticity and facts huh? I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings Mr. Green, but if we're to deal with facts and history (as opposed to faith and anusless tour operators), then the notion that a piglet (even a very small one) actually attended the first coming of Our Lord (even very discreetly), seems way more rational to me than the rest of the chain of events and cast of characters you tag under the historical authenticity label. Even if the Piggy Incident was to be taken seriously in the first place. >> But, keep on being creative. You might do better next time. Thanks for the advice Dad. Please keep on reading me, you might grow a sense of humor sometime.

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