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A comment by Panthercub on Spot the Hadith ep.1

2hotel9: There's a nice doggie who says the Goreacle has grape-sized gonads. That means it's got gender. Mohammed had a few problems with gender, let alone exposed gonads, so it must have been some other species of tree, don't you think. Jews would have been the last thing on his mind, more o shameless ones, know you not that Allah sees all, Allah knows all. The believing tree keeps its boughs downcast and refrains from ornaments lest they tinkle in the breeze and drive passing owls and woodpeckers mad with desire.

Chocolate...mmmmmm. No, don't say that word. D-i-e-t is a naughty word, not to be used in mixed company. But our host is a Frenchman! Has he no rather fine cognac stored away for - for just such an occasion as me? Ooh, claps hands together in girlish glee, I won something! Thank you, kind sir. Sweeps curtsey to the cameras. Thinks: but where am I going to put them? That is an angle hitherto unconsidered, as is the asking-price. Wasn't the prize the chance to buy - ? And a fine one he is now to lecture on the spirit of capitalism with all de blithering idiots in the world afore-mentioned.

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