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A comment by Iwo Gina on Opened minds in Londonistan

Hotel - you know what I don't get? I don't get how the likes of Nancy Pelosi and her (being ultra-polite here) like-minded colleagues always back-up their open (and nearly always vicious) criticizm of the sitting President by stating that the current administration is acting contrary to the will of the American people. How in the name of criminey does she know what the will of the American people is? How do they always know? Was there a poll that I missed? Was there a Q&A session or town-hall meeting I didn't get an invite to? Last time I looked, I was part of the "American Public" and I don't recall letting Nancy in on my opinion of Bush Administration policy (although, believe me - I wouldn't hesitate to do so (along with telling her where to get off) given half the chance). Who are all these American people that the liberals are so faitfully, blindly, doggedly serving?

I've reached a point in my life where I am convince beyond any doubt that, with only a very few exceptions, once a politician gets in office, the only thing that is of paramount importance at that point is how to get re-elected. And how do you get elected? You sell your soul to the highest bidder. I guess that to a liberal, the American people are the Media, Hollywood, and the boys in the wierdo-
billionaires club. All the rest of us are looked upon either with disdain and made to suffer the most vicious verbal abuse, or with pity for our ignorance and "unenlightened" attitudes.

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