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A comment by Grimmy on The boy is back in town

I so missed the subtext of the whole 28 days and it's later addon. I thought it was about why we shouldn't allow British scientists to experiment without supervision.

I haven't seen the later addon, let me guess. Americans are evil, right?

When considering the UK in terms of this current GWoT, the British should be concerned. Currently, their only viable options are to fight back against the new caliphate, or eventually become just another American owned theme park.

The theme park thing, probably centered on a mix of miedeval England and prehistoric gaelic parks, would only be after the radiation subsided from the US cleaning up the new caliphate infestation.

There will always be an England!

Either as a free nation and birth place of the Anglosphere, or as a "historically based fantasy land" vaction resort and entertainment area.

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