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A comment by Grimmy on The boy is back in town

Mike H:

Actually, I wasn't referring to the USMC in this. The Marine Corps is an organization. I was speaking about individuals. This sort of person is everywhere in our society. Nearly every job location has one or more of them. The guy/gal that can always be counted on to show up on time and on task. The kind of person that, without being asked, steps up to assist with the hard work. They kind that doesn't flinch at having to stay late or arrive early to "get it done". Those are the general indicators of the personality type.

The Corps does tend to attract that personality type, but so do the other branches of uniformed service, as well as uniformed civil service.

America does have it's weak, effeminate "artiste" types and those tend to be what draw the most attention. But the true American personality is the type that will work or fight how ever hard is necessary to succeed or survive.

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