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A comment by the dissident frogman on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

JFM: These French flags (In and around the Museum) aren't selected and waved from an historical point of view (there are some historically accurate inside the Museum's collection, of course) but as the official current ones. That's the three colors, without any other motif or sign. In that respect, they are the right ones. As for Bayeux's majority, I must confess I have no idea who's in command (or "where" politically, is the team in charge). That said I'm afraid it wouldn't make any difference. Anti-Americanism in France is equally shared among the whole political spectrum. From the Far right to the far left, uniformly. Pensée unique is such a national specialty. And as far as History is concerned, that's a perturbing "coincidence". Yep, another one...

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