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A comment by Steven Den Beste on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

In May, French minister of the Treasury Francis Mere flew the American Treasury Secretary (Snow) to the beaches at Normandy and to the big American cemetery there, to try to make clear the deep bond in blood (American blood) that tied the French and Americans together. It was part of the ongoing French government's "Forgive and forget" campaign (i.e. their campaign to try to get the Americans to forgive and forget a year of treachery). Even as Mer was using our own honored dead against us, his own people were busy erasing those same dead from their historical rememberances. The stunning hypocrisy involved would be beyond belief for anyone except for the French government, where it is business as usual. There is a pun in English that probably doesn't directly translate: "gall" means the same thing as the word "chutzpah", while "Gaul" (pronounced the same way) is France. These days it isn't so much a pun as the literal truth.

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