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ting-tinga: that's weird, as the link is now designed to work normally in the event where Javascript fails or is not available, an send you to the alternate login page ( go ahead, and use it).

Now it might be as simple as clearing your browser's cache. If you still see "javascript;:" in your status bar instead of "" when you move your mouse over the login link, then you need to refresh the page - or empty your cache. I assume you're savvy enough to know where to find these commands, if not, just drop me a line and let me know which browser you're using.

I can't see how security settings would prevent this function to work, while leaving the others untouched - particularly since the font size gizmo uses the same javascript effects library. If that works for you, and the text of the posts changes size when you click either normal/large in the sidebar, then it's even more puzzling.

If it's not the browser, it could be some kind of "web cleaning" proxy (like the Proxomitron, which I use myself - you just need to add trusted sites [like the Me! I am trusted, am I not?] to its "Bypass" list) or some Ad removing software that's a bit too genocidal on the script cleaning side.

I'm just guessing here, as I could not reproduce the bug so far. Being such a sensitive feature, I've tested this on a wide array of browsers and operating systems to make (as) sure (as possible) it will work. Which doesn't mean I've got everything covered, of course.

We'll work it out. I'll add a straightforward, 'old school' backup link to the alternate login page — but in the meantime, if you could let me know which browser you're using, that might shed a light on the origin of the problem.

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