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A comment by J. on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

The ommission of the US flag at a Museum dedicated to the liberation of France from fascism is one of the most childish, absurdly self-ingulgent, and hateful things I have ever seen. Are the lives of theses people so empty, so lacking in any notion of right and wrong - that the DEAD should be not merely not remembered, but shunned? Will they ever understand how long they kept the rest of the world wrapt in their filthy little intra-european problems? Do they even realize that the rest of the world even exists or has a life of its' own? That all those people in the wide world out there might not think exactly as they do? That they may not want to be told what or how to think? WHile they decry being surrounded by international culture, won't they even admit to themselves the extent they imposed their language, foolish relativism, their self absorbed ennui, and even their damned CUISINE on the entire world? Since when was cuisine the sum of all culture anyway? They should find something else to hate if they want to amuse themselves. Something benign. Something that isn't going to get in the way of the people who are trying to make French lives better and safer as a by-product of trying to make their own lives better and safer. I once ADORED France. My late father was awarded the Legion D'Honneur - I was thankful and felt a great kinship for the French Republic. I used to chalk up every nasty quip in the French mono-culture and the media as a curious cultural quirk, and as "another opinion" worth concidering... No more. What little remains of their public culture - what may be the only thing that binds them together is nothing more than an absurd hatred of "the foreigner" - and all the while they try to parade their fake internationalist drivel like some empty-headed Benneton billboard. Let's face it. They have always been racists and cultural bigots. They have never been able to really absorb new ideas - or find themselves responsible for their own actions. Their population at large has never plumbed the depth of its' souls to see themselves as they are. Hubris doesn't allow such things. Every day they lose the ear of another intelligent and reasonable person.

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