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A comment by Grimmy on Like a suppository, only a bit stronger

There was another AFP piece from the earlier days in Afghanistan. Some of the high muckety mucks of Al Kayduh were gathering in this old guy's house for a nice, sit down type, dinner. They were his guests. He was hosting them.

Well, it seems the house got all blowed up. Nasty evil Americans did it. As proof, the old man was photographed standing in the hole that used to be his house. Standing up beside him was the proof positive that it was the evil Americans that blew up his innocent house. That evidence was an old USSR 152 mm artillery bullet. It was caked in mud, like it had been buried for some time, and still had the lifting ring screwed into the fuse well.

Of course, according to the AFP tard, the man was completely innocent and had nothing to do with Al Kayduh. He was just a nice man that invited the leadership of Al duh over for dinner.

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