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A comment by SisterToldjah on The French Presidents MCQ

DF, from what I've read here at your site about Sarko, I'd say you have good reason to be skeptical and cynical about him. I should have known that the stories I read about Sarko in the mainstream press in the run-up to, and after the election, were too good to be true. All the same, I think I'd be even more depressed if it were President Sego we were talking about right now ;)

President Bush tends to want to believe in the best of people and their intentions, but I think his experience with the likes of Putin, and some others, has taught him the hard way that when it comes to "world leaders" and their claims of wanting to "be allies of the US," those claims have to be viewed with a very heavy dose of skepticism. I hope in the case of Sarko that Bush hasn't allowed himself to be fooled by his charm and wit in his eagerness to make friends with France.

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