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A comment by SisterToldjah on The French Presidents MCQ

I kinda hope so myself, but knowing President Bush, he always gives everyone several chances to make a fool out of themselves and him.

I don't expect that to change. Texans are like that, and even tho President Bush is not really a born and bred Texican, he has spent way too long here and it has rubbed off. Along with his religious beliefs, that makes him a patsy for world wise and corrupt leaders.

Plus Americans as a whole tend to believe the best of people. We want to believe that way, but usually after we are screwed, we not only remember, we get even.

Hey Papa Ray,

I think as far as that goes, it depends on who gets elected president next year. If Washington wakes up in the next few months and realizes that Sarko and co. are all talk and no action, who will leave us out to dry with empty promises, I believe that a Republican president would be civil and polite to the French gov't but not overly friendly, definitely not buddy buddy like we're seeing right now. It'd turn back into business as usual between the US and French governments, which is to say, they wouldn't get close to an alliance on anything.

But if you have a Democrat president - like Hillary, for example - the story will be quite different, because when world leaders kick the US where it hurts, Democrats are notorious for siding with those world leaders over their own country, and I predict Hillary would fall all over Sarko with adoration and praise, calling for an "understanding of differences" etc etc.

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