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A comment by Iwo Gina on When in Venice…

I truly believe that there is nothing sadder than a personality that is no longer (if he ever was) relevant, that he makes such a futile and pathetic attempt to re-establish his relevance at the cost of others. In this case, it is not only at the cost of the President of the United States, but also the majority of Americans that voted for him. DF pointed out that as Mr. Gere's comments come nearly 3 years after the election that put our President into office for a second term, it makes his statements not only irrelevant, but I am extremely puzzled as to the timing of the remarks. Is Mr. Gere still fuming over the Florida recount? Or the claims by the Goreacle (Hotel - I hope you don't mind if I use your name for Big Al) that the last election was anything but decisive? I think that Richard needs to get over it already and move on - or, if he just can't bring himself to do that, he should hook up with Alec Baldwin (and perhaps a few other Hollywooders) and finally carry out his threat to "move to Canada" (sorry to any of our Canadian friends that I may offend by this suggestion). I don't know if the rest of the world takes these politically illiterate celebrities seriously or not, but I do know the damage that can be done by them in that their words and actions are a propaganda bonanza for our enemies. It gets to a point where one gets weary of hearing that yet another of our own citizens abroad has made at best, a statement of disrepect, at worst, slanderous and near-treasonous remarks (I refer to Jane Fonda and John Kerry - both of whom I consider traitors and unworthy of U.S. citizenship).

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