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I, King of the World

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Ok, inspired by cji, and having some time on my hands tonight, I decided to give writing a very short poem in French a try.  This took me a while, so try not to laugh too loud, ya’ll ;) Here goes:

Le Dissident Frogman est un ecrivain extraordinaire,

Il se conduire avec un flair grand,

Je l’intention lire le journalier,

Et aussi passer juste dire “salut!”

Ok - I know I just mangled the beautiful French language, so here’s a translation as to what I was trying to say, in case something gets lost in the, ahem, translation (my goal was to make it rhyme, but it only rhymes when I write it in English):

The Dissident Frogman is a writer extraordinaire,

Who conducts himself with great flair,

I plan to read him everyday,

And also to stop by just to say “hey!”

That’s my version of speaking French with a Southern accent ;)

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