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A comment by Robicon on When in Venice…

Unfortunatley the Lib-tards (especially the Hollyweird variety) think that whatever they say must matter, because - you like me, you really, really like me!. On the same note, on screen toughness usually corresponds to off screen limp wristedness (of the non-homophobic variety (not that there's anything wrong with that (@#^#%^$&@#&@*#^)). Whew...

Most actors, ne - no actors, would know the difference between the Allies in WWII and Che Guevara, they'd insist, to the death, that Che stood on the moral high ground (10's of thousands of dead Cubans to the contrary).

The only way to impress the 'liberal elite' of the grand old USA is to kill a couple hundred thousand of your countryfolk in the name of some -ism (comun-, social- fac-...). Any thing thing less makes you a neo-con.

Fortunately, I'm a neo-con, old school con, Reagan Republican. I don't have all those deaths on my conscience.

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