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With a vengeance

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Thank you for the special 9-11 post.

It should give people encouragement to let them know that the blustering speaker in Khartoum is ignoring the little problem that the Sudan Islamic monolith is nothing of the sort, with the Christian animist South having fought them to a measure of autonomy, and elections in 2012, restive Darfur in the West, the Eastern Sudan region in rebellion and now to the north also in conflict,  the Nubia Sudan area.  Khartoum has its hands full.  Better for the long term, the Arabs will always look down on the blacker members of the Muslims - to the point of slavery.  How is that better?  How long does one fight for sharia when it is applied unequally against you once it is installed?  A flaw that becomes a crack, then a break. 

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