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A comment by NevadaDailySteve on Friday open gun advice thread

I don't want to get anyone upset but I prefer the Marlin 30-30 over the Winchester. It's a personal preference thing, I like the ergonomics better. The Winchester seems to have more recoil than the Marlin, at least to me. I definitely have memories from my childhood of Chuck Connors spinning that modified Winchester (which would probably result in me shooting my foot if I tried it) so there is some cowboy attraction to a lever-action rifle.

I mostly have used my Marlin for target shooting. I prefer shooting a bolt-action or semi-automatic to the lever-action, it's easier to get another round in the chamber while maintaining a sight picture. I usually use a 8mm Mauser, lots of punch and cheap ammo.

For something completely different you can always go black-powder. Talk about a boomstick! Lots of boom, lots of smoke, and if you're a good shot, accurate as well. You can do the reproduction route and get a rifle resembling one from the past or you can get a modern black powder rifle, either way they can be awfully fun to shoot.

Whatever you decide you just can't go wrong with a good boomstick.

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