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A comment by SisterToldjah on Friday open gun advice thread

Definitely go for the Lamborghini ride, DF, especially if it's at a race track! Several years ago, I was at a party at Lowe's Motor Speedway (when it was still called "Charlotte Motor Speedway" - I think) for the promotion of a CD of NASCAR tunes from different country artists (I was an intern for Sony music at the time) and was given the opportunity to go around the track in the pace car. Now, I wasn't driving it, because they wouldn't let me, but let's just say the driver was going wayyyy over what he would be allowed to do on the open road ;) He went around the track several times. It was so freaking exhilarating! I loved it and wished they would have let me behind the wheel.

The Speedway is on my route to work, so everytime they do a race there - big or small - you can sometimes drive by it in the afternoons and hear the cars out there practicing. They sound so powerful :) And I've gone to a couple of NASCAR qualifying events, which are less crowded than an actual NASCAR race, and you can get a better seat to watch the action as the drivers fly around the track. It's awesome. I would love to own a fast car, or fast motorcycle one day - maybe when I turn 40, that's what I'll do ;)

So yes, DF, definitely do the Lamborghini ride, and try your hand at taming one of those beautiful cars. There's something to be said for having all that power and speed in your hands on an open track! I really think you would like it.

As far as the gun recommendation, I don't know much about guns, but you did say you were looking for engraving ideas for the rifle you do get, and I have a couple for you. If you display the rifle anywhere near the entrance to your house, how about "Socialists Not Welcomed" or "Socialist Deterrent"? That way, if a Socialist ever does knock at your door and demand you stop being a dissident, they won't have to look far to know you mean business ;)

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