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A comment by the dissident frogman on Friday open gun advice thread

Lots of interesting advices from all - thanks a lot, and please, keep them coming.

I'm not sure the SKS would be allowed for hunting in France. French gun laws are particularly stupid and rarely make sense — and considering that gun laws are by definition stupid and senseless, that's saying a lot.

Gabby: I've read about the Scout in Col. Cooper's Art of the Rifle, and I'd agree that with such credentials, this gun has a lot to say about itself.

NevadaDailySteve: thanks for the owner's review on the Marlin. Now black powder is something I'm looking into as well, even though I don't think it's allowed for hunting here. On the bright side, muzzleloaders are still "unregulated", and can be bought without going through heavy administrative hassle, like the rest (rimfire or centerfire, no matter the caliber) — and KL shares her enthusiasm for reenactements in a most inspiring way.

Now the question would be either the modern Remington Genesis, or a Kentucky rifle replica...

Iwo: I second Sister Toldjah on the guessing question: no way you can be my older sister.

Sis': C'mon, you don't need any further beauty secret.

AllenInWV: the T3 was actually my second choice when I looked for my current hunting rifle - I heard many good things about the Tikka indeed, but in the end I went for the Sig-Sauer SHR 970.

BTW, I am only ten years older than sonny boy.

Indeed, Val is hardly older than me — as a matter of fact, I looked upon you as my (slightly) older sister Val, up to the day you toyed with the idea of adopting me :p

Glad to see you here, is your son better?

See? Val's maternal instinct is bigger than her heart, which is itself bigger than Texas.

And I've gone to a couple of NASCAR qualifying events, which are less crowded than an actual NASCAR race, and you can get a better seat to watch the action as the drivers fly around the track. It's awesome. I would love to own a fast car, or fast motorcycle one day

A girl after my own heart!

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