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DF - why not do both? Skydiving one day and Lamborghini the next? The best of both worlds :)

Unfortunately, my accountant is not as accommodating as you are...

You still up, ami? It's a late hour in France, while the night is still young here in the US. Hey, maybe we can hold an impromptu bday for you in this thread this evening? I'll get it started with the song

Indeed, it's getting well advanced in the night. I'm still up because I'm late in my email correspondence (wink, wink, nod, nod), but you on the other hand are quite early for my birthday party (I'm still in my thirties if only for a little while, so let's just not rush things


Already gone through puberty, college is over and paid for, already knows how to drive, and comes potty trained

Right. First, opinions vary as to the puberty issue. Some people would argue that I can sometimes act as if it wasn't totally behind me or at the very least not that far behind. Even some who have not seen the mime thing.

I'm potty trained though. Well, as best as we French can be.

Next, I just knew it was a bad idea to import the old content and improve the search engine. Big, big, big mistake.

I wonder how one would sound saying "howdy" with a French accent? ;)

One would sound very briefly I presume. Just enough time for the real cowboys around to hear you, and take some measures.

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