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A comment by JoeA on Friday open gun advice thread

The 6.5 that Jim B suggested looks great. I have an old 6.5 Swedish Husqvarna that is a terrific flat shooting rifle. Mine's an old inexpensive military model, so not what you're looking for to mark this milestone in your life, but the 6.5 swede is a great all purpose choice.

If you're considering a lever action with some punch, consider a Henry Golden Boy in .44 magnum. Classic lever action, brass receiver, octagonal barrel (I think), familiar but also different because most people think Winchester or Marlin when they think lever action. In Indiana we can hunt deer with pistol, shotgun or muzzle loader, but not with rifle. The legislature is considering allowing rifles chambered for pistol cartridges, though, and when they do the Henry will be my choice.

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