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A comment by tinga-tinga on Friday open gun advice thread

Bears? Who mentioned bears? In Western Europe? Didn't the last two bears that were released in an attempt to repopulate the European "continent" get "theirs" just this past year after they'd munched their way through several dozen farms on their paths northward?

It's pathetic to see how self-righteous the Euros can be about the environment. We've got bears sleeping on our property, got people around here who had to build a stockcade around their house - one city-slicker fellow who thought the 500 lb forest thugs were cute had the siding peeled off his weekend double-wide after he failed to put out his usual stale donuts for the critters. (wiser neighbors turned him in as a public nuisance for feeding the bears). Two miles from here, a guy woke up one fine morning to find twelve bears languidly stretched out on his lawn and deck. Europeans couldn't scare up a bear in their woods if they tried - and when they got one, artificially introduced, they had to shoot it. WHen Euros talk about preserving the environment, put fingers in ears and go "hmmm hmmm. I'm not listening!" Course, the Frogman is not to be counted in that group, being made of sterner and more practical stuff.

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