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A comment by Flintloque on Friday open gun advice thread

As a certified gun nut, I offer my NEXT project for what it's worth. I am getting a nice Mosin-Nagant rebuild with the octagonal receiver and the laminated wood stock. These are factory rebuilds with new barrels. I am adding a scope mount that hangs from the left side and takes all of the modern PSOP Russian scopes. I am pretty sure I will get the 6X 42MM sniper scope. I have a longer, bent bolt body to clear the scope as the stock bolt will not.

This will make up a nice, modernized Sniper Rifle. The 7.62 X 54 will do fine for anything you want to hunt. If the thing would be a bit too long in the brush, you could use the carbine M44 version instead and get a shorter rifle out of it.

Personally, I have regressed to hunting with 42" barrelled .54 and .50 flintlocks! Can you get black powder? That would be even better, if you could get it.

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