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Friday open gun advice thread

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Well, as you can obivously see, when you ask for suggestions of what rifle to buy, you get a wide selection to choose from.

I can still remember my first deer rifle.  It was a 7 mm Mausuer (7 X 57 to be correct).  It was a very nice rifle, with an extremely strong action.  Regret to this day selling it.  I also enjoyed a 44 Magnum lever action.  Great brush/deer rifle, but here in the Ozarks you don’t get that long distance shot.  Of course, if you want that long distance shot, maybe a Barrett would work.

Much depends on what you are planning to hunt.  Get one that feels right for you; that you are comfortable in shooting.  I would probably look at either a 222 or maybe a 270.  Look at Ruger, I love their #1 rifles.

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