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A comment by 2hotel9 on Friday open gun advice thread

Bravo 52, 5 hours for 20 rds? Were you having to do tool adjusts on the sights? And as Sarge so politely screamed way back when, keep it tight&right and recoil ain't nothing but a thang. Seriously, you have a good point. Without regular sessions at the range a .303 does got a bit-o-kick, as do any of the large bore calibers.

I have one SMLE with a sporterized stock, someone did a real hatchet job on it. Took several weeks and 300 rds to finally settle it down. Ended up using a piece of stainless steel strap and binding the barrel to the forearm. Still kicks like hell, since they had reduced the weight by half. It is a WWI issue Mk III and that forward rear sight also takes a bit of getting used to, most shooters under the age of 40 are used to rear sights being placed at the rear of the frame, so it is fun to watch people shooting Choppy for the first time.

I will try to post a couple of pics of my darlin's.

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