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A comment by Valerie, Texas on "We" and what army?

Yet more brilliant and astute observations DF. (I told you brililant was going to soon wear thin.)

Yes, we suffer from some form of dementia that makes us too quickly forget who are our enemies. There is a saying the Communist Chinese had for their close relationship with Communist Russia we should emulate when dealing with our "friends" in Old Europe: When you dance with a bear, keep an axe handy.

We have new friends in New Europe, like brave and stalwart Poland. We don't need France any more. (As if we ever did, certainly not after WWI.) I remember clearly when Jeff at Sofia Sideshow blogged on the joy and delight of the Bulgarians being admited to NATO. It was a badge of honor. A mark that they were once and truly, now and forever FREE people.

I cannot see the French in this light. They do not seem to want to live as free people. And for this long, tough fight ahead for our survival we need people who want to be free. Yearn to be free. Who will die to stay free. Not placid serfs willing to plog after who tosses them their crust of bread.

Or who promises not to behead them if they behave.

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