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A comment by SisterToldjah on "We" and what army?

cobaltberet wrote:

Now that I'm introducing an invention to the market, I'm being extremely cagey. I trust no one and you know what - the folks with whom I'm dealing respect me much more than they would if I hadn't learned from my experiences and changed my strategy.

Peace comes through strength, not appeasement.

Indeed. Democrats, of course, believe in appeasement over strength and think if we just learn to 'get along with' and 'understand' Islamofascists then they'll leave us alone. The Bush administration on the other hand, while they don't appease Islamofascists (thank goodness), they are so interested in being 'liked' that Bush will treat "leaders" like Vladimir Putin as a "friend" all the while Putin is stabbing us in the back. I remember Rummy created quite a stir with his "old Europe" comments, and afterwards I would almost bet that the phone calls between DC and those "old European" countries were fast and furious in an attempt to "clarify" the remarks and soothe ruffled feathers.

I do realize that a lot of it is just putting on a "public face" and that behind the scenes the attitude towards repressive countries like Russia is likely deservedly hostile, but some of it - I think - has to do with Bush's inherent desire to believe in the best of people. That's a nice attitude to have personally towards relatives and friends, but not one that is particularly well-suited for governing our country, and I say this as someone who has supported the President from day one, even though I have had my fair share of disagreements with him on several issues.

I do hope that while putting on the public face of an alliance with Sarko, that behind the scenes the President is being very cautious and guarded against trusting him too much. Hopefully on that front, he has learned his lesson.

Great post, DF - my eyes continue to be opened on Sarko's deception, thanks to you.

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