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A comment by mbrewer2045 on "We" and what army?

Being educated in public schools, I have a history question that I was hoping somebody could answer for me please.

Name for me, at any point in history, where one group of people (culture, civilization, tribe, etc) has "appeased" the invading group of people into not invading and preserving the original culture. Can anybody provide a historical example of how "appeasement" has worked? Again, I admit my history education lacks substantially behind those educated in REAL schools, but I am hardpressed into coming up with any examples on this. You might conclude that after a couple of thousand years of written record keeping, we might have at least one example of this policy actually working.

It isn't in human nature to "simply get along" with groups that you despise (for whatever, and usually incorrect, reason(s)), and it probably won't be soon. I wish Democrats would understand that so we could move on from the silly debates currently wasting resources in our Congress (hey, it's my dream....I can still dream, can't I?). Anyway, I'll keep the boomstick handy and a watchful eye on our "friends"....because, as we all know, we can always trust our friends.....(no offense intended to all of those individuals, organizations or governments that ACTUALLY are our friends).

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