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A comment by Valerie, Texas on It's a rat nation, why would you call them frogs?

Almost speecheless with anger.


My father was in WWII, in Patton's army.  From North Africa to the Battle of the Bulge. 

President Reagan considered bringing the boys home, but decided against it.  Wish he had.  I would help if it ever was decided to do so.  Dig with my bare hands if need be.  For it is only a matter of time till these quiet graves are defaced and destroyed.  If their sacrifice is no longer remembered or appreciated NOW, imagine in a decade or so? 

The next time, and there will be a "next time" France, not one U.S. soldier to your shore.  NOT ONE, to lie in your cursed ground from having died to free you from your oppressors.  Since you didn't want to free others around the world, why the hell should we free you?

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