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A comment by SisterToldjah on Let's have a rare old time

If Charles Martel can tell us anything, it's that you're only as old as your spirit and your will to fight for survival.

Amen to that :) I've found that the older I get, the more passionately patriotic I am - and I think that's true of anyone who has a strong love of country.

Either that or, since today is the first day of the last week of my thirties(2), I'm beginning the grieving process. Damn, if only I would get drunk for a change.

Ah - so less than a week to go ;) Have you decided on which you will do - the Lambo or the skydive?

That's the spirit! Besides, men that age are more mature, and would join out of a well thought and strong sense of patriotism. Who could possibly say it's a bad thing?

Good point. Just from personal experience, between family, friends, people I work with, and friends I have made online through political message boards and blogs, I've seen that there are many men over 40 who would love to serve their country - some of them are veterans who'd love to be able to put back on their uniforms and join in the front lines in the battle against Islamofascism.

A few years ago, I met a close friend of mine's dad at a Marine reunion in South Carolina - he was in his early 80s and was a WWII veteran, and I got the distinct impression from him, and other Marine veterans who served in WWII who I met and talked to that weekend, that any one of them would have willingly gone into battle for their country again if asked. They had so much pride for their country, a pride that had only grown stronger with age.

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