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It's a rat nation, why would you call them frogs?

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Comment by SisterToldjah


For the French state TV, it’s really not enough to blather that US soldiers are a bunch of rapists and murderers nowadays — one has to make the claim they’ve always been so.

And rerun it again and again, until it sticks.

Which would, of course, effectively whitewash history, something the left both here and abroard seem hell-bent on doing.  After all, with no building blocks from history on which to base clear definitions of right and wrong, good versus evil, it would be so much easier for them just to create a new ‘base’ from which to ‘build’ (or, in actuality, regress).  I’ve seen them attempt it here in the US on any number of issues - like, for example, Jimmy Carter’s and Bill Clinton’s attempts at rewriting their failures on North Korea and other foreign policy blunders by spinning them as “successes.”  Joining them in their attempt at re-writing history is the derelict mainstream media, who, although not state-controlled, walks hand in hand more often than not with the Democratic party.

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