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A comment by Valerie, Texas on Good omen. Of sorts

So, he didn't mean to get those latent tendencies going?

Could be he's just doing a little CYA spin to keep in Lefty Hollywood's good graces. Or he is just another one of those deluded idiots. Will wait to see if more such comments are made before he gets my money.

This reminds me of some interview with Paul Verhoeven from 20 years ago. I no longer recall the ircunstances, but it was when RoboCop was released. The filmmaker was dicussing his satire of America (greedy capitalists, violent, what, you thought it was just a sci-fi movie?!) and he went on and on about how violent Americans are. At some point, either the interviewer or a fellow guest on the tv talk show said calmly "Well, as you are Dutch, aren't you glad Americans wer so violent in 1944." Verhoeven had no reply.

So, DF, get any ribs to BBQ?

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