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A comment by Valerie, Texas on Good omen. Of sorts

Trainer, you are being very generous to Ken Burns.

I tried to watch it last night. I really did try to watch the latest tinstallment. Let's see, Kenny boy took great delight in all the casualities of the early North Africa campaign, which was a disaster until Patton and [roper equipment showed up. Oh, but Rommel getting pushed back had little to do with any thing the American soldiers did, it was more the Germans were low on gas. Bull shit. My dad was there I know better.

He put in a qupte from Ernie Pyle that I am sure would ring true with all his fellow lefty lemmings: how the great casualities (6,000 men) needed to happen as Americans were too confident. Thought they could whip anyone. In short, we deserved all those deaths. Gee? Where have I heard that before? And another quote from a Brit officer saying how worthless Americans would be if they didn't learn hot to fight. Well, Kenny boy I say we did learn how to fight and we did did whip 'em.

But the last straw, and why I will not give this piece of drek another minute of my life, was when, after detailing the conditions fo the camp set up by the occupying Japanese force or foreigners in the Philipphines--no food, no shade from the sun, nothing. Ken immediately switched over to the begining of the distrust of Japanese Americans. The start of the internment camps in America. As if to see, SEE! the Americans were just as bad as the Japanese! Ken Burns is a sorry SOB.

If he provides attention and honor to the Nisei soldiers, the legendary Purple Heart Battalion, I will be thrilled. These brave men deserve it. Them, and the Navajo Code Talkers.

Interesting. When the Americans of Japanese heritage were confronted by an enemy who came from their parents' home land, did they set up something like CAIR? No, they set up the Purple Heart Battaion and went out to defend the country that was their home. Pearl Harbor did not have only military casualites, civilians died that day too -- men, women, and kids. You bet the japanese American soldiers had something to prove. That they were nothing like the cowards who attacked without warning. How times change. Or is it the people?

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