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A comment by referman on Let's have a rare old time

At the ripe old age of 48,who the hell came up with "ripe old age anyway?Sounds a little gayish.At 48 I've been trying to reup for 4 years,I have gone as far as to right my congressman" Mchugh" he asked me to send an information release form and yes it's notarised,that was six weeks ago!He has some pull with the dept. of the army and said he was very interested in helping me reup,we'll see.As I wait for a response I continue with my daily HVAC/R service work.Now you would think a WAR in the desert they just might want a 20yr experienced referman?I started my quest to reup after my nephew enlisted in the USMC.He spent 36 months in fallujah from early 04 through late 06.Those gentlemen saw some real nasty fighting,he was really pissed when they blew up his AAv and then their Humvee,then they had to walk through fallujah.So people ask me why the hell do you want to enlist?I ask them if they ever served their country,and when they say no I just say you had to be there!! God Bless All Who Serve and All Whos Been There Semper Fi

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