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A comment by SisterToldjah on Meltdown Mahmoud #003

This was absolutely great, DF! Was so good to log into my NewsGator feeds and find out there was another installment of Meltdown Mahmoud in store at your blog. I think it was 2Hotel who first pointed me to your Meltdown Mahmoud category back when I first started reading your blog, and I have to say they just keep getting better. I blogged about Bollinger and some heat he's taking from some faculty and students at Columbia earlier today and will definitely be tracking back to this post when I head back over to the blog :)

It is almost surreal to see how the far lefties in this country have been tripping over themselves to show support for Ahmadinejad's visit not only to Columbia, but even worse, to Ground Zero, and they've attempted to "justify" it by claiming that he's not as bad as the Bush administration has painted him out to be. Pointing out liberal Democrats what Ahmadinejad has said and done since he's been the "leader" of Iran doesn't do any good, as reason is lost to the Bush-hating left, who I believe wanted him to visit Ground Zero because of the embarassment it would have caused President Bush. To the far left, nothing is sacred when it comes to taking down the President - America's reputation in the world be damned, as long as it brings down "BushCo." This is why, I think, they want us to cut and run from Iraq. It's not so much that they "hate war" - they just hate this war, because a Republican president has waged it. They'd rather see us lose face in Iraq, and by extension the world, strictly because they know it'd be a huge defeat for Bush. They don't care that it would hurt America, too, in more ways than one.

That the Daily Kos Jewish lesbian diarist admits that she has a "little crush" on Mahmoud unfortunately fits in with this emerging theme I've seen this week on a couple of blogs and at least two mainstream media news sites, where the debate was/is about whether or not Ahmadinejad is "hot." I wonder if it's even occurred to them that they wouldn't have the right to have lame discussions like that if they lived under his rule in Iran. Probably not, as "thinking" has long been an outdated concept to the clueless wonders on the far left end of the political spectrum.

The left in this country has completely lost it. This is just one more example of how low they've fallen.

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