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A comment by Iwo Gina on Meltdown Mahmoud #003

"...That the Daily Kos Jewish lesbian diarist admits that she has a "little crush" on Mahmoud unfortunately fits in with this emerging theme I've seen this week on a couple of blogs and at least two mainstream media news sites, where the debate was/is about whether or not Ahmadinejad is "hot." ...

...The left in this country has completely lost it. This is just one more example of how low they've fallen."

Oh Sister, you are so completely on target! I can only hope that the comments/opinions/stances of these sublimely ridiculous leftards come as a cold slap of reality to those leaning toward the left or those sympathetic with the left. What absolute complete idiocy! Didn't Eva Braun have this same problem?

DF - OMG! The absolute BEST Meltdown Mahmoud EVER!!

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